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Marijuana Task Force

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Educating our Legislators on the impact of marijuana use in our community.

Marijuana's side-effects include slower reaction time, tunnel vision, impaired thought process, paranoia... does this sound safe?  Not only is it dangers for the driver but what about the innocent families on our roads!  Don't Drive STONED!

Educating our community on the dangers and consequences of using marijuana.

Kids Health- Vaping flavored pods

vaping, HCADA Interview

Dedicated members of HCADA receive an award for Drug Prevention Education.

"Makes you wonder what is happening? And we have seen the teen suicide rate going up across the country," Genen said.

In the past three years, teen suicide in Colorado rose from 12.9 to 20.4 deaths per 100,000 adolescents ages 15-19, according to the report. Overall, that rate put Colorado as the sixth worst state.

Nationally, the teen suicide rate is up 25 percent. Colorado's 2019 rate is nearly double that nationwide, 20.4 compared to 10.5

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