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CDC- Alcohol Use and Your Health 03/12/2017

Spanish Verision

Alcohol, Article, CDC, Infographic
Infographic: Drinking And DUIs During The Holidays 06/18/2016 Alcohol, Article, DUI
CDC Study Omits States Marijuana States 06/17/2016 Article, CDC, Colorado, Legalization, Oregon, Washington, youth usage
Edibles And Concentrates Are Red-Hot, According To Latest Numbers 06/14/2016

Colorado's legal cannabis sales continue to smash records, mainly because of the increased interest in concentrates and edibles. Dispensary sales in April surged by 58 percent over the same period previous year, according to Boulder-based BDS Analytics.

Increased ER visits, hospitalization and fatal car accidents have been some of the consequences of the increasing edible industry.

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FHP: Drunk wrong-way-driving deputy found hiding after crash 06/12/2016

According to FHP, it was around 3:30 a.m. when Justin Garrett's Ford Explorer, heading southbound in the northbound lanes of I-75, clipped the truck just north of the Hillsborough-Manatee County line, and kept going

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Tampa's report on Sunset Music Festival: arrests down, but drugs and heat were a problem 06/10/2016 Article, HCADA Interview, Sunset Festival
Florida's Crackdown On Opioids May Be Influencing Prescribing 06/02/2016 Forbes, Opioid, prescription drugs
The Hardest Pill to Swallow | Tracy Jackson | TEDxNashville 05/18/2016

Dr. Tracy Jackson presents the idea that "pain is in the brain" and explains why a pill won’t make it go away. Dr. Jackson explores the truths and consequences of how doctors and patients are getting it wrong in pain management and the way to make it right.

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Mom who lost son shares concern about super pill 04/29/2016 Article, deadly, HCADA Interview, prescription drugs, Video
Sentiment still mixed as some celebrate 4/20 04/20/2016 Article, marijuana, No2pot
State issues warning on Fentanyl 'super pill' 04/08/2016
They want to get this super high, this extreme high," said Gary White, associate director for the alliance.  "They need to understand the perception. The harm that it's causing."
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Overview of Major Issues Regarding the Impacts of Alcohol and Marijuana on Driving 04/01/2016

As part of a project funded by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, this document provides an overview of issues related to marijuana consumption, driving impairment and blood testing as well as the potential impacts of social and legal factors. Comparisons are made to alcohol to provide a point of reference. This
overview focuses on the types of marijuana generally available at legal recreational stores and medical dispensaries and not on pharmaceutical grade preparations. 

Alcohol, Article, driving, marijuana
Think twice before passing medical marijuana laws 11/20/2015

State after state is legalizing medical marijuana, but doctors and patient groups aren’t demanding these laws. The AMA doesn’t want them, nor does the American Cancer Society. The American Academy of Pediatrics is against medical marijuana and the Glaucoma Foundation warns patients not to use it.

Prescription cannabinoids are also much less likely to be abused or diverted to teenage use. And they’re more long acting, which is good for genuine patients who don’t want to be stoned all the time. So there’s no reason for anyone to smoke marijuana.

The main people who benefit from medical marijuana laws are people who want to get high or who want to sell the drug.

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HCADA talks with Tampa Bay Times about Josie’s Pledge 11/16/2015

At the age of 17, he took the life of Linda Unfried’s sister, Josie DiStefano Palomino, in a DUI crash.

Unfried founded the Hillsborough chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving in the wake of her sister’s death 31 years ago. She remains vigilant today. She thinks of the teen involved in her sister’s death and wants desperately to reduce underage drinking.

Article, HCADA, Josies Pledge, MADD
Pilot Project Launched to Ensure Safe & Effective Prescription Drug Disposal 10/01/2015

CADCA and Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals launched a pilot project in Florida's Hillsborough, Collier, and Seminole counties on September 26 to ensure the safe and effective disposal of prescription medications. This pilot project is the next step in the overall strategy to prevent prescription drug misuse in Florida.

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