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Presentations and Sponsor Information from the 2013 Marijuana Summit

Below are the slideshow presentations from our speakers during the Marijuana Summit. Simply click on the presenter’s name to download a copy of their presentation. A HUGE thank you to these wonderful speakers and all who attended the summit! Click HERE to download a copy of our sponsors and their contact information.

Alice Mead: The Emergence of Prescription Medications from the Cannabis Plant

Bertha Madaras: FDA Process and Modern Medicine

Brian Kauffman: Next Steps

Calvina Fay: National Overview

Kevin Sabet: Marijuana Legalization Issues: Where Can We Go?

Scott A. Teitelbaum: Marijuana and the Impact on Addiction and Recovery

Sue Thau: Advocacy and Education

Sue Thau (Part 2)Organizing and Message Development to Push Back Against Medical Marijuana and Marijuana Legalization 

Alexandra Datig: Video Below:




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